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B&F have 16+ years’ experience in helping businesses grow, from idea to reality. With this in mind, having completed over 4500 business plans and 3000 of these are now established businesses, the restaurant and café/bakery industry is one which we have deep knowledge and understanding in, from many previous clients. Including wholesale bakeries, coffee shops and fine dining. Not only working with local entrepreneurs but international hospitality ventures to set up and expand in the UK and internationally.

At B&F Services, we specialise in providing hospitality consultancy & mentoring for owners and operators of hospitality businesses to help them with understanding their potential and then overcome the obstacles to reach it. Our professionals provide hospitality consulting services and assistance to developers, owners, operators, financial institutions and other professionals seeking assistance.

No matter which types of hospitality business you need to help with, our core objective is always to ensure positive returns and sustained profits. Therefore, we utilise several different methods and tools obtained from 16+ years’ experience directly in the hospitality industry to implement the necessary changes and improvements and achieve results quickly.


By working with B&F Services, you’ll get immediate access to the full-cycle of startup and business development services such as business and financial planning, branding, concept development, marketing, franchising and expansion. Furthermore, we work with a proven network of industry specialists and investors, that allow us to help with other aspects of your business such as the implementation of systems, providing funding opportunities or menu development, staffing and training.

Below Are the Core Services We Specialise In

Case Studies

  • Irene Bakery & More
  • Rez Buffet
  • Maison Vie
Irene Bakery & More
Financial Projections

IRENE Bakery & more, located in south London, offering speciality artisan coffee along with an independent bakery, baked goods. The IRENE bakery is on-site, everything baked fresh that day. Offering more than just bread, all French baked goods are available.

Being a new startup, it is important to think outside the box, IRENE offering freshly baked goods, baked in their on-sight bakery, also offering a wholesale option for baked goods, supplying other independent coffee shops and bakeries local to their cafe and soon to be all over London, after some successful growth. All of the above is displayed and planned throughout their financial projection from B&F.

B&F really get to know their clients, what is important and where they want to be in the future, no goal is too large, B&F will help you get there. Financial projections offer more than just showing you an income, but what can be done with the money to make the most of it. Being a family run business, quality of products and customer services is also at the forefront of their business plan, along with offering the best-baked goods within a local radius.

Rez Buffet
Market Research

A strong restaurant offering a very diverse cultural dining experience within the hub of the city of London. Offering casual dining in a contemporary experience to welcome a wide variety of people. A great location to dine, with people who have different requirements. One of the founders being a vegetarian, believing in offering a wide variety of food to cater to everyone. Quality product and service are at the top of REZ buffet’s values, running through everything they do, from product to people. Offering a different dining experience Rez Buffet hopes to grow largely within the restaurant industry, not only offering amazing food and service but having a positive impact on the local community. Looking into the local community has allowed REZ buffet to understand their consumer to a deeper level, ensuring positive outcomes resulting in creating a strong impression and returning costumes which will help REZ buffet grow in the future.

Having strong market research results in well thought out ideas, and a solid plan for your future, allowing REZ buffet to know exactly where they are placed within the market, how to navigate it successfully, and better than their competition, which will make them stand out from the crowd.

Maison Vie
Business Plan & Landlord Pack

MAISON VIE is an independent artisan cafe, coffee shop and bakery, established in 2017. Offering nutritionally dense food and baked goods, along with great coffee and other drinks. Not just a location for a coffee, but meetings, lunches and other intimate events. Also offering food delivery services locally, to schools, businesses and events. An overall wholesome cafe experience. Extremely successful with a strong turnover, and 110 customers who visit daily, looking to expand and grow into a franchise to allow ease on demand and have a successful coffee shop in more than one location.

To allow MAISON VIE to get to where they have, B&F assisted with this success story, creating a strong and clear business plan, including strategy and targets for the future, ensuring success is on the horizon, for both the owners and potential partners. To gain their prime location within London Kilburn they required a landlord pack to prove they have what it takes and show how they plan to be up running.


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